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Concrete vs. Paving

Below are the facts on paving and concrete to help you decide on the right type of job for your site improvement. Of course you can always call us and we will be happy to come out, asses the area and assist you with any questions you may have. We recognize that this can be a big investment and we strive to help you make the right decisions so that the job can be done quickly and professionally. Asphalt paving, pad or parking area can be one of the most impressionable site improvements on the property, commercial or residential.

Ready-Mix Concrete Facts

  • Federally funded studies show that concrete Interstate pavements cost 13-28% less in the long run and last about 2.5 times longer on average  than asphalt Interstate pavements.
  • Costs more initially than asphalt but less in the long run
  • Lasts longer with less need for maintenance and repair
  • No potholes - stay smoother longer
  • No ruts form to fill with water directly relating to less repair and maintenance
  • Better long-term performance
  • Not subject to spring load restrictions that increase the number of truck trips or driving distances
  • Better and longer lasting skid resistance
  • Better visibility on rainy nights
  • Generally less slippery in wet weather
  • Cooler surface in the summertime as it reflects sunlight instead of absorbing it
  • Concrete can be colored and textured to produce attractive designs and patterns

Asphalt Paving Facts:

  • Costs less initially than concrete
  • Flexible pavement.
  • Easily repaired by cracksealing and patching
  • Can be made to look new each and every year.
  • Sensible when considering freeze and thaw, extreme heat and sun
  • Unlike concrete, some areas do not increase your real estate taxes when asphalt is installed
  • Not be harmed by salt and other chemicals
  • Can made to look new, with a fresh coat of sealer
  • Snow and ice melt quicker
  • Temps must be above 50º F to install
  • Your opinion of the aesthetic appearance

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